Upload of receipts in Fenerum
Please upload your receipts by using the APP Scanner Pro. You will find the guide to create a workflow in Scanner Pro here: 

Remember to register your inbound email in the workflow, cause then your receipts will automatic be converted to PDF files.

Create a supplier
When a receipt is being uploaded in Fenerum, the company automatic will be add'ed to the list of suppliers.

How to add an expense account from e-conomic to your supplier:

  1. Click on suppliers (Under expenses)

  2. Choose the supplier you want to ad an expense account on

  3. Click on edit supplier

  4. Choose the default cost account on the drop down list

Example of a supplier with an expense account 

Supplier invoices

Upload of supplier invoices in Fenerum
Use your inbound email address to forward invoices from your own inbox to Fenerum.

How to find your inbound email address:

  1. Click on integrations under settings

  2. Copy the inbound email address and use this to forward supplier invoice and to upload receipts in your workflow in Scanner Pro

Example of an inbound email address:

Its possible to create suppliers for supplier invoices as described above.

Balance bank statement

Upload of bank posts
You can easily upload your posts from your bank directly in Fenerum. This allows the bank to be reconciled directly so you easily can handle the daily bookkeeping.

How to upload bank posts in Fenerum:

  1. Click on bank accounts 

  2. Choose your account

  3. Choose Excel or csv file and your bank

Match between expense and bank post

  1. Choose the right bank account or payment card

  2. Click on the post where there is a match (Markt by green text)

If you already have created a supplier, then the expense will be moved automatically to the cash journal in your ERP system.

Missing match
If its not possible to match the expense with the bank post, you have to enrich your receipt or supplier invoice

  1. Click on receipts

  2. Choose a receipt from the list

  3. Try to enrich the recipt by update document date, amount or currency. 

Example of enriching a receipt:

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