To connect e-conomic to Fenerum you need to go to "Integrations" tab under "Settings" and find "E-conomic integration" card. There you should find a button "Connect". 

Clicking this button will forward you to the e-conomic website where you need to allow access to your account for Fenerum. After accepting it you will be forwarded back to Fenerum to setup import of the data from e-conomic. Fenerum needs to download your account plan and optionally can import your customers.

Please make sure you have a journal in e-conomic called Fenerum so Fenerum can write all booking lines there.

After importing data you will need to setup your ERP accounts settings for correct bookkeeping. 

Be cautious while configuring that as wrong values will cause wrong booking lines in your ERP system!

In this screen you need to setup your account plan and some custom e-conomic settings. 

How Fenerum books revenue is described in this guide.

For information about "Debtor settlement account" please refer to this guide.

Last secion of this page are settings for e-conomic defaults. 

Fenerum does not use "Default customer group" and "Payment terms" from e-conomic but it need to set it up for every customer created in e-conomic. You can select here whatever suites you.

After clicking "Save" button Fenerum will ask you to once again review your settings. 

If you confirm that the settings are correct and save them your e-conomic synchronization will be ready to use.

If you need to change this data or import new customers you can always go to integrations settings and start the same wizard again.

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