This guide assumes that you've already know how to create custom email templates.

Rules configuration

When an invoice is due Fenerum sends out an email with a payment reminder to your accounts. Now you can configure when it will happen, how many times and what the content of an email will be.

Head to the Invoice Settings and expand the Reminders' Rules section. You will see the current (default) configuration:

Each rule consists of three things:

  • Collection method of an invoice¬†

  • Number of days after the due date

  • Email template to use¬†

Click on the Configure button to tweak the rules to your liking:

Here you can add, delete and change your rules. You can create different templates to use for different delays and set them here.

For now there are three collection methods possible: Direct debit (Leverandoservice), Invoice and Payment Card. Payment method is chosen for subscriptions and invoices inherit their method from them.

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