Account's language 

For each of your accounts you can now set a language of communication. This will be the language of generated invoices as well as the emails we send out to your clients (more on this below).

For now we support English, Danish and Spanish languages but more will follow. The default language for new as well as existing accounts is English.

Of course you can change the language of existing account through the "Edit account" action.

Creating templates for emails

You can also provide a custom templates for emails we will send out. For now you can customize two kinds of emails:

  • New invoice email (an email that is sent on invoice creation)

  • Invoice reminder emails (emails to be sent when an invoice is due)

To create a template head to the Invoice Settings tab and click on "Add template" button:

At the top of the "Create Template" page you will find a helpful message describing the variables you can use in your email subject and content:

And below you will find a form for template creation. Let's create our first template:

If you want to provide versions for more languages just click an "Add translation" button and a new section will pop up. Each template must provide at least an English translation. You can have more, but an English one is mandatory since this is a default language for client communication.

Once the template is saved we can now choose it to be used for new invoices. You can do it in the General section of Invoice Settings:

You can also preview all of the available templates (including the default ones). In order to do that click on the Preview button next to the Add template one:

When previewing we choose one of your invoices at random and show the rendered template. You can validate that the template variables you've used are rendered correctly. You can also choose a different language and see that the translation version works as assumed. 

Template language resoultion

Fenerum will try to select a language version of a template that matches the language of an account that the invoice is issued to. If a chosen template does not have the language version for the accoun't language it will fallback to the English version of the template.

Next steps

Now you know how to create templates with language support. In our example we've created a template for new invoices. What about the emails we sent as a reminders when an invoice is due?

Head to our guide about reminder rules to learn all about it.


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