EAN invoicing is an optional feature and is not active by default. If you'd like to use it contact us at support@fenerm.com.


Fenerum integrates with FakturaService in order to enable you to send your invoices to an EAN number. In order to setup EAN invocing for a specific account go to the account page and click on Edit account button. In the account form you will see EAN invoicing checkbox: 

When you tick the box a field for EAN number will show up:

Insert account's EAN number and click Save and that's all! 

Final considerations

It's crucial that you provide your bank account information in the invoice footer. The invoice won't be sent without them. You can configure your invoice footer in the Invoice settings.

Note also that when using EAN invoicing feature an email with a new invoice will not be send out to the account's recipients. We upload the invoice pdf to FakturaService and they take it from there.

If you have a lot of accounts to update you can of course use our API to automate this process.

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