To use Leverandoerservice direct debit payments first of all you need to sign an agreement with Nets.

After successfully singing the agreement you will need to put your Creditor Number into Fenerum to be able to charge customers using Leverandørservice.
To do so go to your organization "Settings" and select "Integrations" tab. Under the "Payments" card you will see field called "Leverandoer creditor number" and this is where you should put your number. After that click "Save" button on the bottom of the page to save changes.

To charge a customer first you will need to put customer Registration Number and Account Number on his account tab using "Add payment method" button and selecting "Leverandørservice debtor" option. 

Fenerum will need one work day to confirm your customer with Leverandørservice. After that Leverandørservice debtor will change it's status to "Active" and you will be able to charge them using "Direct Debit" collection method.

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