Starting in September 2019, a new regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will require businesses in Europe to request additional authentication for online payments. 

For Fenerum this means that payments with cards issued by European banks might require additional authentication (in most cases this will be 3-D Secure mechanism).

In such case Fenerum will send an e-mail with link to manual confirmation of the transaction and your are not required to do anything on that part.

This regulations also requires additional confirmation when saving card details for future usage. If you are using Fenerum link for grabbing card details then you are not required to do anything as updated form will support 3-D Secure on card input form.

Required changes

Only if you are using Fenerum API to add card using Stripe token then you will need to update your integration to handle Stripe SetupIntent instead of Card Token.
For details how to migrate refer to Stripe documentation

From Fenerum point of view you will need to change your usage of PaymentCard create API call.

You will need to send Stripe on the token field and set gateway to "stripe_new". 

Example of old payload:

"account": "2a79956a-21fa-429c-b3d5-8e38c5e34afb",
"gateway": "stripe",
"token": "card_1EidxPFXVCQFEes0L0YQxWJy"

Example of new payload:

"account": "2a79956a-21fa-429c-b3d5-8e38c5e34afb",
"gateway": "stripe_new",
"token": "pm_1F9rgdFXVCQFEes0oaYqf8HO"

Note on backward compatibility

The old token will still be supported by Fenerum (with gateway type 'stripe'), but you should expect that every first payment using card registered with it will require 3-D secure authentication instead of authorising it during card save.

The same applies to old cards, you should expect that every first payment after 14th of September will require 3-D secure challange. Fenerum will send e-mails to your customers when the payment fails with link to provide 3-D secure details.
You might want to inform you customer about that.

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