This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to set up sending emails with invoices from your own e-mail address using Fenerum.

WARNING: Fenerum can only send e-mails from address in your company domain. No addresses in public mailboxes allowed (i.e

Fenerum is using Postmark for sending e-mails. Before it will be able to send e-mails on Your behalf You will need to confirm the address by clicking on link received on that mailbox.

Confirmation e-mail will be sent to You when creating account on Fenerum. 

You should receive e-mail address similar to the one on the screenshot:

You can see the status on your e-mail on Settings tab in Fenerum.

If You haven't received Your confirmation e-mail you can click on "Resend" button to send it once again. 

If You have changed your e-mail address it will send confirmation e-mail on new address.

After confirming the address with Postmark the status will be updated in Fenerum. It can take up to 10 minutes to refresh status.

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