1. Create a revenue group

Click on Revenue groups
 + New revenue group
Define your revenue group with a Name ex. basic subscriptions, add-ons, consultancy hours etc. 

Choose revenue account for the revenue group:
Default revenue account refers to the account for non European revenue
Default revenue account for EU clients refers to revenue in DK and EU.
 - If all the revenue is european based then just use Default revenue account

Click save and repeat for all Revenue groups

2. Create a country account

If you want to split your Default revenue account for EU clients into separate contries, please follow
 + Add country account
Add your Country, ex Denmark
Add your matching revenue account

This step can be done after saving group and also can be add later for existing groups.

3. Add revenue groups to plan terms

Click on Plans and choose the plan you will match to your new Revenue group
Click on Plan Terms
Add / or edit a plan term
Click on the dropdown in the button of the box and choose the Revenue Group you will match to your plan term.

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